Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spoon Necklace - sealed stamp

Sorry for MIA forever... Or maybe you're used to my absence? (it happen.. many times already.. and I am deeply sorry for my absencessss..)

I have never work full time before. It's crazy that my colleaguess who start work from 930 and ends at 2300... and show up at 930 sharp the next day.. How on earth could you do that? To stuck in that office for over 12 hours? Luckily I am still a newbies in the offices, not much work. But I was grantee by my supervisor that my workload will be increased by 60% next month. God bless me..

Ok, that is my reason for absences.. I am figuring out how to manage my time to blog/ craft / write letter/ make envies.. It's getting better. I am here finally, at Tuesday's night.

See that cute little thing up there? Yup, my latest craft, spoon necklace.

I love the stamp from England. Hong Kong was a British Colony until 1997. I kind of miss the colonial era. This 97 cents stamp from England touch my heart. I cut it from the envelope, stick it in the spoon. Seal it with Epoxy resin. Now, the memory is alive, stay with me, forever.

Simple to make your own!

1.Saw the spoon handle in half.

2.Bend it backward with force.

(I asked my dad to do the first two steps. Thank You Dad! )

3. decorate your spoon.

(Tips, Cover your pic/stamp/drawing with mod podge or PVA glue. So that it won't bleed when you pour in Epoxy resin.)

4. Pour in the mix of Epoxy resin. Patiently wait for 24 hours. Yup, it take a day. It's worth it!

(Tips, you can wait for one or two hours and put in some beads / buttons. So that the beads won't sink in the bottom. It give the spoon a little texture. )

5. Voila, Wear with pride!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Envies adoption programme

Dear adopting families,

Thanks the amazing force of the internet and lovely bloggers. The requests of adopting the envies has been increased suddenly.

Unfortunately, I have only got one pair of hand and one set of mind. It may take a month or two for the envies to reach you.

I have just got a new job (yay). I am trying my best to adapt to a new job and save time for making envies.

Please stay with me, be patient. The envies are going to your way.

Thanks for your kind attention..

Ms. Five

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September - Mail Incoming

Can you believe the summer is over? We are actually in September! And this is the best month I ever had in the entire year! I got a lot job interviews (meanwhile I am still waiting for "You're Hire!" phone call.. waiting suck. but chances are coming! ) and I got a lot of lovely mail ! Thank you for sending me lovely post. I have to share with you, no matter how far you live!

Kid come first. Ok, I don't remember when and why I mail the panda postcard to a kid. (Ok, I don't really keep track of my outgoing postcards..that's why I say"I don't remember" ) I bet he/she is very young, judging from the handwriting. I love the hand-draw heart and Polar Bear and Penguin!
From Mail incoming Sept

Darja! This postcard make my day. Not only because I like the white flower from Japan, but also Darja remembered me while she was traveling in Japan! Very Very sweet of you! If you are interested in learning Chinese, ask Darja. She writes perfect grammatical correct and colloquial Chinese. Oh, I forgot to tell you, she is a German girl !

Cutest Stamp Ever!

PostMuse send me a postcard first via sendsomething.net. And our correspondence start by exchanging postards, not letter. Simple and plain. I am a caffeine-holic. Post Muse take my caffeine addiction to a higher level. Now, not only I am addicted the drinkable caffeine, but also the readable one!

Calvin and Hobbs Stamp!!!!

Postcrossing - Postcard from Russia.

Four postcards from postcrossing arrived my mailbox last week. But this one worth mentioning is because .. I really love stamps from Russia. They are very colonial and elegant.

New Pen Pal - Melisse.

Melisse is from New York. She found me through indiefixx penpal project. (speaking of pen pal project.. I have no clue how to work on the new system.. Any tips? ) The first letter that she sent me accompanied with a letter-press Hello card from WeHeartPaper! I really want to learn how to make letter pressing. It's not very popular in Hong Kong, not to mention doing letter press in small scale. But, hey, I am gonna visit U.S. someday and found out how it's made! (Or I will simply buy tons of letter pressed card instead.. :p)

Sara from Oh, my darling project. This is a very lovely project. You will have a group of pen pal. And you will keep exchanging correspondence within your group. I haven't write to any one in the group yet. But I am going to ! Thanks Sara for this card!

Sofia. The first Pen Pal I encounter this year through indiefixx. I feel like I am at the beach right now when I open the mail and find the sand and seashell from Sweden accompanied with vintage beach postcards! Oh I love summer~!

Nature themed stamps from Sweden

Last But not least,
Fabulous Felicity! Very cute hand made stickers and a very Japanese booklet! Look how she turn a paper bag into a environmentally friendly envelope.

I love BIG 5 on the envies! Addressing me as Five or 5 will make my day and put a smile on the postman's face!

Thank You for the package!

You do not need a fancy or expensive paper to write a letter. Write on the inside of paper bag and put the letter into envies made from magazine! It cost you nothing, except the very inexpensive postal stamps.

Happy writing!

Ms. Five

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hurtfully hilarious.

Not a big fan of 3D / 4D animation.
I enjoy simple cartoon, like those early 2D Disney cartoon.

I like this one. Simple, hilarious, and hurtful. Poor Daddy!

If you like simple cartoons too, check out
this blog!

Happy Wednesday!

Mail - Incoming ( Finally! )

I promised to make a mail post. Here it is! I make it! finally..

Opening with the first letter I got from Germany via Letternet. Germany postal services provider is nice enough to sponsor the Letternet programme. Letter lovers from all over the world can register and request a pen pal - but you can only get German as your penpal. This make sense, it's Germany supporting the whole programme, right? Go sign up, try it out!

Letter writing does bring me to different kind of old-fashion practice. Letter writing itself, is precious tradition that we should preserve and keep it working. The other old fashion thing I did is Mixtape - ok, it's CD not tape. When I was in High school I used to make one or two mixtape to friends. But it didn't last long since downloadable mp3 and Youtube available to the world. I discover, people out there is actually carrying on the tradition! Goodnight Spoon hold a Mixtape Swap! See what I've got!

Love the colorful cover! Thanks Cherish.

From Mail Incoming - August 2010

"Letters" from my dear friend, Ms Ma. This pretty letter set she designed is now available to download for FREE! Click here!
From Mail Incoming - August 2010

The cutest postcard I ever got via Postcrossing!

She even put on a selection of stamps on the postcard! This is my favorite postcard from Belarus!

Postcard from Finland via Postcrossing with Moomin stamp!!!! I love Moomin!

The first handmade postcard I ever got is from Felicity!

She is generous to share how to make this postcard! Check out her Dotty Postcard tutorial! (I like the bikini one.. =p)

Sarah Striker is a penpal I knew from a swap. She is the youngest penpal I ever got! Sorry, Sarah, sorry for making you wait for my letter. It's on the way! Please forgive me!
Very cute letter set!
From Mail Incoming - August 2010

Zine and costume made ATC from Olivia! Reading her zine make me think, America, really is a place packed with difference kind of people. Some are weird but most of them are AWESOME! Thank you for showing me your neighborhood!

Thanks again for costume made me an ATC featuring two things I like the most, Giraffe and Tea! Look, she is very elegant lady giraffe enjoying her afternoon tea.

Thank you all. Thanks for taking time to sit down, holding a pen, writing to a girl you never met before, sticking the stamps, and going to the post office, just for me. I am honor and flattered.