Saturday, July 24, 2010

This is where I live

Maybe you would be interested to know where I live, the city of buildings, Hong Kong.

Here it is.

I can barely breathe. Totally suffocating!!

The city for buildings, but not human. Someday, the buildings will turn into living robot and kill all the human. I mean it.

photoshop workbook

I just start penpaling at the end of last year. The first Pen Pal, Sofia, found me from the Pen Pal Project by indiefixx. And She is E-N-G-A-G-E-D!

So I decide to make her something special. Something that she could write on. Photoshop is very very new to me and thanks to the free tutorial by Pugly Pixel I have acquire some skills that sufficient for me to make the following stationery! Ok, I declare that I am now photoshop-holic. Any dose that could cure my disease?

The marriage register I found via The Graphic Fairy blog and the sillohette by the Vintage Moth. Two great blogs that has tons of vintage and contemporary Clip Art. I think this may serve as a register list or a piece of paper that with the Love Vow on it! I printed it out on a heavy weight paper and going to send them to Sweden!

(Click to Enlarge. Welcome to print it out and write all over it! Happy Writing! )

The Prugly Pixel not only has the sweetest and useful of tutorial, but also a lot of lovely image to download! I got the lined paper just from the Prugly Pixel freebie package! And I merge it into the wallpaper offered by the Graphic Fairy. Oh, don't you just want to write on that ? Yup, I am going to write on this paper I just made and send them over to Sweden!

Happy Travelling!

Postally yours,

P.S. Here are some great blogs that offer tons of clip art image
  1. Agence Eureka. Very Very resourceful blog. Easily to spends hours and hours just surfing it.
  2. BiliOdyssey. Explicitly vintage-like clip art.
  3. Arachneas Attic. Vintage images totally on public domain, totally FREE to use!!
  4. Vintage Printable. The name said it all.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The kindest person on earth

From Postcard from the postcard project

From Postcard from the postcard project

From Postcard from the postcard project

From Postcard from the postcard project

Aren't they gorgeous? I truly believe it's always a blessing to have the ability to give. Elizabeth is absolutely blessed. She run an amazing and generous project on her blog call The Postcard Project. Just drop her a line and the kindest postcard will arrive in your mail-box. Not a swap, Not commercial activities, just pure kindness to send you a postcard. To make your day.

It's Elizabeth who inspire me of the Envie adoption project. Of course, my silly project have nothing that could compare to hers. Not only you could pick your theme of postcard, Elizabeth even decorate the postcard beautifully. Drawing of the Japanese style animated girl is her strength. Do check out how delicate and beautiful they are!!

In April this year, I send her an email and suggesting we could do a trade. She send me one, and I send her one. Three months later, today, I open my mail box and Voila, the second postcard from Elizabeth! I never expected the second one to come around! The 20's Empire State postcard from the U.S., I just Love Love Love it!

I do believe, truly believe, Love is all around!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Things you must do to make me happy

A very funny and sweet list I got from wordfilled envie swap from swap-bot. My partner send me this check list, "Things you must do to make me happy" is hilarious!

Here it is. Free for you to download!

How to use it? Whenever you have a fight with your love one, filled out this envies and present to him/her. Force him/her to do things that could cheer you up~!

Tip: Always tick "From Now On" and "Or else", it's more effective this way. XDXD

Wish you guys all the best and a lovely day!

Thank you for adopting (and featuring) !

The Evnie Adoption Programme is going so well!! Thank You for participating AND mentioning about this small silly programme in your blog! The envies has already went to the U.S., Canada, Germany, England and even Africa!!!!! Woo.. They are around the globe! Oh, Yay~!

Huge Thanks to first two bloggers who adopt the envies even before I work out the little details! Faiza is the friendliest blogger I ever know who brave enough to drop me a line and interested in my silly programme. The geneous blogger Zoe, even send me a postcard in return!

This was the "logo" for the first batch of envies I send out. Look how hilarious they are~!.. haha

The programme bring me so many surprises! Ana's blog is always with positive energy. Her blog always bright up my day and remind me how great the nature has to offer us. She is kind enough to suggest that we should have a envies swap. I love the catoon envies she send me~! yAy.

It's the programme that brought me one more penpal from Germany! Tanuki wrote me email and tell me that she know how to read and write Chinese. I am so so so Surprised! Because she really write like a native Chinese! And here we are, penpaling started!

Maria blogged about this little programme on her blog even before I send here any envies! Our world is filled with kind and lovely people. You are all gorgeous! Internet, what a great invention!

Thank you every who adopted the envies! And Zillion Thanks to everyone that mention about this silly programme on their blog! You guys are geneours and Amamzing !

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Writing letter is ROCK ~!

About a month ago, I worte a letter to The.Handwrittern.Letter.Project. The project invite people (need Not to be a designer, which I am not.. totally. )to send their own designed letter-head writtern letter. And I have been designing my plane letter head for quite sometime. So I decide to send to the Project any way. I got nothing to lose, right?

I don't think I would have got any reply. It's because the project haven't been update for quite a while. I wrote to the project anyways.

And today, Mr. Oldham reply my mail~! Oh Yeah. The host of the T.H.L.P is actually a graphic designer. Surprisingly, the mail he sent me without any graphic. But with a lovely opening line~!

Oh.. Everything like he said, lovingly penned to me.

It's ROCK to write letter ! Yeah~~~ Go write a letter!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Trifle thing about my father

I want to post about my mail. Unfortunately, my dear card reader is dead. My laptop computer with implanted card reader also unable to read my memory card from my camera.

I don't want anyone to think that I am dead or something. So I decided to post something.

My dad is very smart in a cunning way. So here is a little story about me and him happened this afternoon.


Just something I made is generous and amazing blog that provide tons of tutorial from web design to jewelery making. The latest post is about how to make penny pendant. And I REALLY want to make it.

So, I ask my dad,

Can you drill a tiny little hole in this 50 cent coin?

He answers,

No. It need special equipment. What are you drilling it for?

I want to make a pendant. And I see people doing it in the U.S.

If it turn into a pedant, it must be ugly. And Don't break my drill. Don't even try to do that when I'm not at home.

And 5 second later,

He came to me silently, and handed me a Japanese 50 Yen coin - With a huge hole in the middle.

I said, it saves a lot of trouble. Except I want a gold one.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Quote from Anne Frank - The diary of a young girl

You only really get to know a person after a fight. Only then you can judge their true character!
(P.46) ~ Monday, September 28, 1942.