Saturday, July 24, 2010

photoshop workbook

I just start penpaling at the end of last year. The first Pen Pal, Sofia, found me from the Pen Pal Project by indiefixx. And She is E-N-G-A-G-E-D!

So I decide to make her something special. Something that she could write on. Photoshop is very very new to me and thanks to the free tutorial by Pugly Pixel I have acquire some skills that sufficient for me to make the following stationery! Ok, I declare that I am now photoshop-holic. Any dose that could cure my disease?

The marriage register I found via The Graphic Fairy blog and the sillohette by the Vintage Moth. Two great blogs that has tons of vintage and contemporary Clip Art. I think this may serve as a register list or a piece of paper that with the Love Vow on it! I printed it out on a heavy weight paper and going to send them to Sweden!

(Click to Enlarge. Welcome to print it out and write all over it! Happy Writing! )

The Prugly Pixel not only has the sweetest and useful of tutorial, but also a lot of lovely image to download! I got the lined paper just from the Prugly Pixel freebie package! And I merge it into the wallpaper offered by the Graphic Fairy. Oh, don't you just want to write on that ? Yup, I am going to write on this paper I just made and send them over to Sweden!

Happy Travelling!

Postally yours,

P.S. Here are some great blogs that offer tons of clip art image
  1. Agence Eureka. Very Very resourceful blog. Easily to spends hours and hours just surfing it.
  2. BiliOdyssey. Explicitly vintage-like clip art.
  3. Arachneas Attic. Vintage images totally on public domain, totally FREE to use!!
  4. Vintage Printable. The name said it all.


Maria Isabel said...

I like these pages! They are so cute and im sure your pen pal will love them!

Vicky said...

Thanks! I love your papier-mach sculture A LOT!

Ana Goncalves said...

That's a great idea and I love the pages! Well done. They are truly beautiful. Just so you know I have printed out the floral green page, and I am going to test it out on a letter. Thank you so much. :) Inspirational work.