Tuesday, January 26, 2010








我媽很喜歡織冷衫之類的東西,家中就存放了一大堆的冷線。我就是用那些剩餘物資,包了整個手鐲。自發現神奇膠水E6000之後,沒有甚麼東西是不能黏的。我就黏上之前做手工剩下的菊花裝飾,當然還有母親大人數十年儲落的衫鈕,做成了這個所費無幾的Bangle Bracelet了。有些鈕扣背後有個圈好讓穿線的,此時,老爸的兩大把金屬較剪就派上用場,先用膠紙貼好背部,再大刀一

我承認,這不完全是我突然之間諗到出黎的,靈感來自SoSheSews。可惜店主只賣Bangle Bracelet,不提供作法(tutorials). 我就自己做自己的版本。看起來還不錯吧。

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to January!

Isn't she adorable? Focus on the hair clip, the PINK Flower hair clip. I made it! I made it! I made it!
That is a little PreSent for my little cousin. She and I both birthday are in January~!

Isn't this cake suicido? instensify dark chocolate mouse and super sweet white chocolate flower for those has crazy sweet tooth. Not just me and my cousin birthday are in Jan. And also, my dad, my aunt's husband and my cousin's father. One cake serve all. Worth it, isn't it?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hang on, my love, and grow big and strong

It's been a long time since my last post. I did some art projects. But I didn't bother to take photos and post on this blog. I start to realize it's the project itself bring me amusement, not the photo or the blog post of my project.

I made a flower hair clip using felt wool as a gift for my little cute cousin. I made a wallet out of carton box. I made two wallets out of magazine paper. (If you want to make one too, I can send you the tutorials which I refered to.)

Something unbelievable happen to me. I go out less, I mean MUCH less. And of course, I cut back my expenditure on clubbing, shopping, movie-going, theatre-going and invest those money in art materials. It brings me much happiness and amusement. I used to spent over hundred of dollars for a few hours performance, like pop stars' concert. But, everytime, everytime, after the performance, I fell into a hole, a hole with loniless and sadness. I blamed myself for spending that much money for a performance and which money I didn't make. The horriable thing is that I keep doing it. That is totally destructive.

Making craft project is very difference. I start to acknowledge myself for making something that is "pretty" and useful. (I always think my craft work is pretty, but my younger sister never think so...) And the most important thing is the process, from nothing to something. It cost less and bring me huge happiness and satisfaction.

The best birthday gift I found, was a letter from Iggy pop. No, he didn't write to me. He wrote to his fan as a gift. He told the girl who just turn 21 years old,

Hang on, my love, and grow big and strong.