Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stamping Exercise: My Name

From Silly stuff

可是一般街外買到的copybook都很悶…A for Apple B for Boy,(慶幸2:小時讀的是簡單英語…否則要背a for astronaut的話,我會完全放棄學習英文 ),十多年後的今天,竟被我發現了!鍵入你喜歡的字句,就可創造獨一無二的Copybook! 嘩…咁得意ge野,點解今日先出現?

度身訂造的Copybook 正好讓我作刻圖章的練習,雖然做得不太仔細,但係第三個都幾啱位丫…係咪咁講先?


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Buy less, make more. Homemade paper flower by using unwanted envelope

From homemade craft


也許點綴一下潮牌信封,貼在廣告中戒指的圈上竟然岩岩好。手作仔,其實無須花費太多。Buy Less and make yourself happy through crafting.

From homemade craft

This paper flower is made from the inner side of a boring plain write bill envelope. Though, the design of the inner side of envelopes are fascinating. They are either in Black or Green packed with beautiful pattern. So, Why wasting it? Cut it a circle and trim it a bit, then put a button on. Wa-la .. Paper flower is done.

It cost you less than a dollar I guess. (Glue and botton (from old shirt) could cost you a penny or more. :p )

Buy less. Make some craft. Cook some meal. Make myself happy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


If I told you, I go to the movie a lot lately, I must be very depressed.

In 2007, the darkest year in my life, I watched over a hundred of movies in cinema.
It's not being planned... It happened.
I thought the reason I always go to movie is because I love them.

But .. hell no.
And I just discover this weird behavior recently.
I like movies but I don't love them.
What I really love, and I just discover, is the theatre.
I love how it lock me up.
I love the darkness.
I love the privacy.
I love even I cry no one would take notice.
I love it's for a loner.

The truth is telling someone about your depression is difficult.
Language is never an equal exchange.
People ask questions that they couldn't understand which you don't bother to answer.
You lock the door to your heart. Not letting anyone in.
Watching movie = escaping from reality,
this bring me relief.

If one ask, have you seen this movie?
I would have said yes.
But if one ask, what is it about?
I would have said I have no idea.
Because I am physically present in the theatre, but mentally absent.

This is how I find out. I am not really a movie-goer.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let me GO..

Sometime we are trapped.
At school, at office, at home, even in dreams.
Try to do the best in our little trapped area.

Sometime we let go.
If something we couldn't handle,
just leave to the experts or the higher power above the sky.

I believe in destiny.
I believe some higher powers up there controlling things in lives.
I believe things happen with reasons.
There always cause and effect relations in things.

We were trapped in that center in the summer.
And we let ourselves go during the office time.
We all need that little balance in lives, aren't we?