Sunday, April 25, 2010

My water coulored Giraffes are making friends now!

A million thanks to Faiza, telling me there is a place for giraffes to live and make friend on the internet!

Now, two of my water color giraffes are living with another 779, 137 giraffes! You make a giraffe too? Send them to!

Let's have some fun together!

Anonymous letter FUN!

Have you ever send an anonymous letter to your friend? Or, have you ever receive an anonymous letter? Just Imagine, what would you do if you opened the mailbox and found that there was a package with a 100 HKD (12 USD, I guess) and a starbucks flyer in it?

Yup, My friend and I had send out a package with Cash and Starbucks flyer to our recently unemployed friend.

From Silly stuff

From Silly stuff

However, it's not as fun as I was expecting. The receiver of the package, post the photo of our mysterious package on facebook. And receive a lot of response, most of those, are negative response. Suggestion like, go to the police, coz the cash could be counterfeit and so on so on.

I couldn't believe how negative this could get. Rumors everywhere. I admit me and my friend are having fun while people are guessing who is the sender. I admit I almost laugh my ass off every time while the receiver ask me should her go to the police and keep on guessing who is the mastermind behind the package. Of course, I keep denying I am the sender. Of course, I try my best to stop her to go to the police. (Gosh, my finger prints are all over the package. )

So, a month later, during the receiver's birthday, the best timing to tell the truth. We send the receiver another package, with our photos holding that package hiding our faces, and cut that two photos into pieces and make a puzzle. We signed, Love, Anonymous X 2.

Try sending your friend anonymous letter or package, See what would happen? It's more than you could have expected!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playing with water colour

I don't even remember what was the last time I pick up a brush and paint. Thanks for the coordinator in swap bot who is holding water color ATC, this give me an excuse to buy a whole set of water colour supplies and wondering what I should draw.

Then, I found Lettedset, telling me that I don't have to be a painter to mess with water colour. So I spent two hours giving birth to my 11 giraffe silhouettes.

From Water color

From Water color

I look at them and I say to myself, I am not that suck at art at all.. The simplest way to make myself feel satisfied and happy.

You should paint too!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Short Trip, Big Surprise

It's just a four days trip to Jiangnan (a province in China) and we visited four counties in total.

The Biggest Surprise is that we found Sakura everywhere. Thanks heaven, we just in time for the sakura season, in Nanjing, Suzhou, and Wushi. That make the total difference. The little pink and sometime white sakura, add a lot colour to our trip.

When we were in whatever Memorial garden, what we are looking at is flower. And suddenly, here it is, the Japanese national flower stand before us, greeting us, hey, Nice to see you here.

I came across a lovely doggie in Suzhou. He was playing with his friend, a white doggie. And suddenly the white doggie went back home. And he was left alone.
He didn't have any idea where to go. So he went into the bookshop. Drinking water.
Suzhou is a lovely place, pack with foreignerss. Ha.

Jiangnan is a place that poets and businessmen's favourites place during the 18 to 19 century. For those who are rich enough, they build a huge garden+Chinese style houses.
This trip was about visting the residentialss which the richest left behind.
Yup, I wish I could own one. And keep the visitors out.
Those garden+residentials suppose to be relaxing.
But in this 21th century China, those sights are always pack with travelers.
I barely can breathe.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally, letter to LWA penpal

From Outgoing mail

The LWA member materials arrived yesterday. I finally got the member card and the number, so that I could register for the Penpal Swap. Wooo. So this is the first letter to the person that I really know NOTHING about. All LWA give me is just her address.

I wrote about myself mostly, and my dog. Hopefully she is an animal lover. Other wise, I don't think she will write me back. haha..

Happy writing!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Do I … not in love with cinema, not anymore?

For my friend Jan,

There was a time, cinema was my shelter.
I don’t care what the big silver screen is showing.
I just want it to lock me in.
I want it lock me down for a while. When I got out, I felt relax.

But recently, I’m kind of scare to go to cinema.
There isn’t much screen time that has less audience.
I hate stranger sit next to me.
That stranger make me feel uncomfortable when I want to cry or laugh.

Furthermore, no matter how few audience in the cinema, there’re still people who do annoying things, like,
A horrible ringtones rings during the movie,
Discussing the plot of the movie during the screening,
Walking in front of the screen when the movie is showing,
Eating and drinking with loud voice
They are all annoying!

Thanks to the free flow of information. The movie screen today in the Western countries, can be seen via internet the following day.

I rather,
Switch off the light,
Tuck myself in bed,
Cover myself with a thick blanket
Start watching the light and sound from my computer screen.

Mail to 2nd penpal

From Outgoing mail

Sofia wrote me a lovely email that we actually do share some similarity. In love with U.S. drama, crafting and dinning.. haha.

The pretty orange envelope is a set of correspondance I bought in Tokyo. I only used that once. And never used again. In order to celebrate there is another girl share the same interest as I do and who live very very far away from me, (I use two veryS because, very far = US, very very far= Sweden) I decide to use this lovely set of stationery.

Oh, and You who live far away might interested to know, she is a vegetarian too. OK, she is the second person I know is vegetarian. Wa-la!

Okay then, I should keep on packing and head to the airport. Gosh, I didn't even sleep..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Surprise

Told ya, I will record every mail I sent out.

So, March 27, 2010 I sent out these two Easter Postcard to my two lost and found friends.

Looks nice as my first collage project, right?

Happy Easter (I will be out of town, Wow. ) and Happy April Fool's day.