Friday, April 2, 2010

Mail to 2nd penpal

From Outgoing mail

Sofia wrote me a lovely email that we actually do share some similarity. In love with U.S. drama, crafting and dinning.. haha.

The pretty orange envelope is a set of correspondance I bought in Tokyo. I only used that once. And never used again. In order to celebrate there is another girl share the same interest as I do and who live very very far away from me, (I use two veryS because, very far = US, very very far= Sweden) I decide to use this lovely set of stationery.

Oh, and You who live far away might interested to know, she is a vegetarian too. OK, she is the second person I know is vegetarian. Wa-la!

Okay then, I should keep on packing and head to the airport. Gosh, I didn't even sleep..


Zoë said...

I'm a vegetarian :D And I love mail. I followed you for the blogger swap but if you are interested in another penpal check out my blog! My address is there, and I promise to reply.

Vicky said...

I will write to you! But I am in the middle of exam, so I will write to you in May.