Friday, April 2, 2010

Do I … not in love with cinema, not anymore?

For my friend Jan,

There was a time, cinema was my shelter.
I don’t care what the big silver screen is showing.
I just want it to lock me in.
I want it lock me down for a while. When I got out, I felt relax.

But recently, I’m kind of scare to go to cinema.
There isn’t much screen time that has less audience.
I hate stranger sit next to me.
That stranger make me feel uncomfortable when I want to cry or laugh.

Furthermore, no matter how few audience in the cinema, there’re still people who do annoying things, like,
A horrible ringtones rings during the movie,
Discussing the plot of the movie during the screening,
Walking in front of the screen when the movie is showing,
Eating and drinking with loud voice
They are all annoying!

Thanks to the free flow of information. The movie screen today in the Western countries, can be seen via internet the following day.

I rather,
Switch off the light,
Tuck myself in bed,
Cover myself with a thick blanket
Start watching the light and sound from my computer screen.

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