Sunday, April 11, 2010

Short Trip, Big Surprise

It's just a four days trip to Jiangnan (a province in China) and we visited four counties in total.

The Biggest Surprise is that we found Sakura everywhere. Thanks heaven, we just in time for the sakura season, in Nanjing, Suzhou, and Wushi. That make the total difference. The little pink and sometime white sakura, add a lot colour to our trip.

When we were in whatever Memorial garden, what we are looking at is flower. And suddenly, here it is, the Japanese national flower stand before us, greeting us, hey, Nice to see you here.

I came across a lovely doggie in Suzhou. He was playing with his friend, a white doggie. And suddenly the white doggie went back home. And he was left alone.
He didn't have any idea where to go. So he went into the bookshop. Drinking water.
Suzhou is a lovely place, pack with foreignerss. Ha.

Jiangnan is a place that poets and businessmen's favourites place during the 18 to 19 century. For those who are rich enough, they build a huge garden+Chinese style houses.
This trip was about visting the residentialss which the richest left behind.
Yup, I wish I could own one. And keep the visitors out.
Those garden+residentials suppose to be relaxing.
But in this 21th century China, those sights are always pack with travelers.
I barely can breathe.


Bipolar Rollercoaster said...

Oh I LOVE sakura! I am planning to get a tattoo of a few branches that begin at my left hip and extend up my back to my right shoulder. Gorgeous pictures!!! I hope to visit China some day!

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Brittany said...

Take me with you next time! haha!

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Mara Spires said...

beautiful pictures!

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Zoë said...

soo beautiful, I want to go !

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Robotgranny said...

do they speak english there now?

Vicky said...

To Robertgranny, not all of them speak English. But you can hire some tour guide, they speak fair English. :)

Emma! said...

Lovely pictures! Following from swapbot.


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Donna said...

I love the collage of photos. Very beautiful!

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