Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anonymous letter FUN!

Have you ever send an anonymous letter to your friend? Or, have you ever receive an anonymous letter? Just Imagine, what would you do if you opened the mailbox and found that there was a package with a 100 HKD (12 USD, I guess) and a starbucks flyer in it?

Yup, My friend and I had send out a package with Cash and Starbucks flyer to our recently unemployed friend.

From Silly stuff

From Silly stuff

However, it's not as fun as I was expecting. The receiver of the package, post the photo of our mysterious package on facebook. And receive a lot of response, most of those, are negative response. Suggestion like, go to the police, coz the cash could be counterfeit and so on so on.

I couldn't believe how negative this could get. Rumors everywhere. I admit me and my friend are having fun while people are guessing who is the sender. I admit I almost laugh my ass off every time while the receiver ask me should her go to the police and keep on guessing who is the mastermind behind the package. Of course, I keep denying I am the sender. Of course, I try my best to stop her to go to the police. (Gosh, my finger prints are all over the package. )

So, a month later, during the receiver's birthday, the best timing to tell the truth. We send the receiver another package, with our photos holding that package hiding our faces, and cut that two photos into pieces and make a puzzle. We signed, Love, Anonymous X 2.

Try sending your friend anonymous letter or package, See what would happen? It's more than you could have expected!


Faiza said...

this was such a nice thing that you did for your friend. and you had some fun too. no one got hurt so count it to be a success!

Robotgranny said...

id try sending it to my bf one day. hahahaha

did your friend use the money in the end?

Vicky said...

To faiza, my friend don't see the fun in me. They treat me as a crazy person.. Always has some crazy idea..

To Robotgranny: My friend use the money After the truth was told. She was like super scare that the money is counterfeit. Hahaa..

Ya, do that to your boyfriend! See if he is dare enough to use the money.

Moonwild Gardens said...

I'm moonwild from swapbot. I'm happily following your wonderful blog.