Saturday, October 10, 2009

Buy less, make more. Homemade paper flower by using unwanted envelope

From homemade craft


也許點綴一下潮牌信封,貼在廣告中戒指的圈上竟然岩岩好。手作仔,其實無須花費太多。Buy Less and make yourself happy through crafting.

From homemade craft

This paper flower is made from the inner side of a boring plain write bill envelope. Though, the design of the inner side of envelopes are fascinating. They are either in Black or Green packed with beautiful pattern. So, Why wasting it? Cut it a circle and trim it a bit, then put a button on. Wa-la .. Paper flower is done.

It cost you less than a dollar I guess. (Glue and botton (from old shirt) could cost you a penny or more. :p )

Buy less. Make some craft. Cook some meal. Make myself happy.

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