Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The kindest person on earth

From Postcard from the postcard project

From Postcard from the postcard project

From Postcard from the postcard project

From Postcard from the postcard project

Aren't they gorgeous? I truly believe it's always a blessing to have the ability to give. Elizabeth is absolutely blessed. She run an amazing and generous project on her blog call The Postcard Project. Just drop her a line and the kindest postcard will arrive in your mail-box. Not a swap, Not commercial activities, just pure kindness to send you a postcard. To make your day.

It's Elizabeth who inspire me of the Envie adoption project. Of course, my silly project have nothing that could compare to hers. Not only you could pick your theme of postcard, Elizabeth even decorate the postcard beautifully. Drawing of the Japanese style animated girl is her strength. Do check out how delicate and beautiful they are!!

In April this year, I send her an email and suggesting we could do a trade. She send me one, and I send her one. Three months later, today, I open my mail box and Voila, the second postcard from Elizabeth! I never expected the second one to come around! The 20's Empire State postcard from the U.S., I just Love Love Love it!

I do believe, truly believe, Love is all around!


Felicity said...

Hi Vicky,
I love that second postcard. I received your gift in the mail yesterday and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Love IS all around!

A toast to new friendships!!
-Felicity xoxo

Vicky said...

Yeah~! Glad you like the little gift~! Thanks for letting me know the mail arrived safely! =) Big Hug across the sea!

Cheers to our new friendship!

Ana Goncalves said...

That is truly one of the kindest gesture's created and being done, that love is a blessing in disguise being sent through a postcard act around the world. I love the idea, and the meaning behind it, and I also enjoy your envie adopt programme. Hope you are well. :)
I have a new craft blog:
Feel free to drop by.
Have just returned from a week away volunteering.
Will update both blogs soon.
Happy week