Monday, July 19, 2010

Thank you for adopting (and featuring) !

The Evnie Adoption Programme is going so well!! Thank You for participating AND mentioning about this small silly programme in your blog! The envies has already went to the U.S., Canada, Germany, England and even Africa!!!!! Woo.. They are around the globe! Oh, Yay~!

Huge Thanks to first two bloggers who adopt the envies even before I work out the little details! Faiza is the friendliest blogger I ever know who brave enough to drop me a line and interested in my silly programme. The geneous blogger Zoe, even send me a postcard in return!

This was the "logo" for the first batch of envies I send out. Look how hilarious they are~!.. haha

The programme bring me so many surprises! Ana's blog is always with positive energy. Her blog always bright up my day and remind me how great the nature has to offer us. She is kind enough to suggest that we should have a envies swap. I love the catoon envies she send me~! yAy.

It's the programme that brought me one more penpal from Germany! Tanuki wrote me email and tell me that she know how to read and write Chinese. I am so so so Surprised! Because she really write like a native Chinese! And here we are, penpaling started!

Maria blogged about this little programme on her blog even before I send here any envies! Our world is filled with kind and lovely people. You are all gorgeous! Internet, what a great invention!

Thank you every who adopted the envies! And Zillion Thanks to everyone that mention about this silly programme on their blog! You guys are geneours and Amamzing !

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tanuki =^.^= said...

hehe, your comments on my Chinese make me blush ^.^ I hope you've got my letter by now! Your envelopes are really great and it's hard to part with them, but I think I'll send out some of them soon...