Saturday, May 15, 2010

I fell. Lost a tooth.


I fell down few days ago. I broke my front tooth. My left upper arm is wounded and for god sake I guess I am having a infection. Both my knees has bruise.

That morning, there are almost twenty steps and I would reach my school front door. I fainted. I fell. I broke myself. I see my blood and tooth on the concrete floor. Massive pain.

A girl walk across me. She walked over my arm and ran away.
A man was waiting at the bus stop, watching the whole process. Did nothing.

No. I didn't cry at that time.
I stand up the next second I am conscious.

Calmly walk myself to the ladies room.
Clean my wound.
Calmly took 10 mins walk to the nearest drug store, bought a bandage and put it on my wound.

Took 40 mins train to the Emergency Room.

The first person I met in the ER is a receptionist.
Asking me, rudely, for name and address, and of course,
Money, a hundred HKD.
And I learned. My name, address and 100 HKD are much more important than my life in our capitalist Hong Kong.
No one, literally, no one in that hospital care why I was there.

I waited for two hours.
Called no one.
Keep telling myself. I can manage. I can manage. Just be strong.
Listening to the radio all the way.
I give no shit of what was broadcasting.

Finally, a nurse call my name.
Lead me to the doctor's room.
I sit on the bed.
Chilled. Chilled. Chilled.
Nurse and doctor walk by.
Read my record.
And ran away.
Ten mins later. I thought it was 10 years.

A doctor sit down.
Checking my wound, my knee and my tooth.
He asked a nurse to clean my wound.
And said, you should go to see dentist.
I can't help you here.

He Stared at the computer.
Click. Click. Click.
And ran away.
The nurse told me,
follow the green line, go to the pharmacy for pills.

I waited two hours. For three minutes with the doctor.
What The Fuck?
I should have consulted the private practice.
I wasn't thinking.
As if ER was my only option. But hell no, always, government ER is always your LAST option.

I waited at the pharmacy.
My aunt called.
Nerve broke down.
Right in front of the pharmacy.
Tears just coming out.
Try to calm down myself still.
Not to worry her.
Just ask my aunt. Where can I see a dentist.
Gradually, I told her everything.

After visiting the dentist,
I back home.
Going to take a bath.
During the shower.
I cried. Like crazy.

Put myself together.
Look forward to have few painful operation performed by the dentist I barely know.

Really, when should you call for help?
I knew if I would have called anyone the second I fell down,
all I would do is crying.
No. I won't let that happen to me.
Specially, in the area that no one give a dime if you just die in front of her feet.

Would you please,
if you are the one who read about this crazy shit,
Would you please,
hold someone up, when someone fell?
Would you please,
Kindly ask, are you ok?
Would you please,
make us a better world?


Faiza said...

Oh sweet Vicky! Sending you a gigantic hug and hoping you feel better soon!

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear...I would have helped you; also sending you a big hug across the seas.

Vicky said...
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