Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spoon Necklace - sealed stamp

Sorry for MIA forever... Or maybe you're used to my absence? (it happen.. many times already.. and I am deeply sorry for my absencessss..)

I have never work full time before. It's crazy that my colleaguess who start work from 930 and ends at 2300... and show up at 930 sharp the next day.. How on earth could you do that? To stuck in that office for over 12 hours? Luckily I am still a newbies in the offices, not much work. But I was grantee by my supervisor that my workload will be increased by 60% next month. God bless me..

Ok, that is my reason for absences.. I am figuring out how to manage my time to blog/ craft / write letter/ make envies.. It's getting better. I am here finally, at Tuesday's night.

See that cute little thing up there? Yup, my latest craft, spoon necklace.

I love the stamp from England. Hong Kong was a British Colony until 1997. I kind of miss the colonial era. This 97 cents stamp from England touch my heart. I cut it from the envelope, stick it in the spoon. Seal it with Epoxy resin. Now, the memory is alive, stay with me, forever.

Simple to make your own!

1.Saw the spoon handle in half.

2.Bend it backward with force.

(I asked my dad to do the first two steps. Thank You Dad! )

3. decorate your spoon.

(Tips, Cover your pic/stamp/drawing with mod podge or PVA glue. So that it won't bleed when you pour in Epoxy resin.)

4. Pour in the mix of Epoxy resin. Patiently wait for 24 hours. Yup, it take a day. It's worth it!

(Tips, you can wait for one or two hours and put in some beads / buttons. So that the beads won't sink in the bottom. It give the spoon a little texture. )

5. Voila, Wear with pride!


Felicity said...

That is so awesome and pretty! Original too, i've never seen anything like that before. : )

Medical Librarian said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing the how-to steps.

How are you liking the new job so far?

tanuki =^.^= said...

Wow, you're really artsy ^^

Gracie said...

This is beautiful!!

This is to tell you that I received your lovely journals :) Thank you so much!

Gracie x

Miss Beguen said...


**Happy New Year 2012**