Thursday, December 10, 2009

Remeber, blessing is all around

We rejoice with you this Xmas & may He whose Birthday
this is bless you the coming year 2010
Love, Jim.

Have a lovely Christmas
Helen, Ruth (+ little Hannah)

Merry Christmas!

Early Christmas blessing from the organization I volunteered in 2008.
It's never too much to say Love at the end of every letter.
Love is all around.
Open my heart and embrace it.
Always remember, I am being love.

While giving your blessing to whom you love and
As the same time help those who are less fortunate to regain their life with joy.

This is what Christmas is about, isn't it?

Story behind the Christmas Card.
The years of war in the former Yugoslavia saw thousand flee their homes and careers. tragically, many can never return and now struggle to rebuild their lives. Bread of Life, a Serbian relief organisation, helps refugees find employment through card and craft making. Our Christmas cards this year provided income for 14 families.

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