Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mail - Incoming ( Finally! )

I promised to make a mail post. Here it is! I make it! finally..

Opening with the first letter I got from Germany via Letternet. Germany postal services provider is nice enough to sponsor the Letternet programme. Letter lovers from all over the world can register and request a pen pal - but you can only get German as your penpal. This make sense, it's Germany supporting the whole programme, right? Go sign up, try it out!

Letter writing does bring me to different kind of old-fashion practice. Letter writing itself, is precious tradition that we should preserve and keep it working. The other old fashion thing I did is Mixtape - ok, it's CD not tape. When I was in High school I used to make one or two mixtape to friends. But it didn't last long since downloadable mp3 and Youtube available to the world. I discover, people out there is actually carrying on the tradition! Goodnight Spoon hold a Mixtape Swap! See what I've got!

Love the colorful cover! Thanks Cherish.

From Mail Incoming - August 2010

"Letters" from my dear friend, Ms Ma. This pretty letter set she designed is now available to download for FREE! Click here!
From Mail Incoming - August 2010

The cutest postcard I ever got via Postcrossing!

She even put on a selection of stamps on the postcard! This is my favorite postcard from Belarus!

Postcard from Finland via Postcrossing with Moomin stamp!!!! I love Moomin!

The first handmade postcard I ever got is from Felicity!

She is generous to share how to make this postcard! Check out her Dotty Postcard tutorial! (I like the bikini one.. =p)

Sarah Striker is a penpal I knew from a swap. She is the youngest penpal I ever got! Sorry, Sarah, sorry for making you wait for my letter. It's on the way! Please forgive me!
Very cute letter set!
From Mail Incoming - August 2010

Zine and costume made ATC from Olivia! Reading her zine make me think, America, really is a place packed with difference kind of people. Some are weird but most of them are AWESOME! Thank you for showing me your neighborhood!

Thanks again for costume made me an ATC featuring two things I like the most, Giraffe and Tea! Look, she is very elegant lady giraffe enjoying her afternoon tea.

Thank you all. Thanks for taking time to sit down, holding a pen, writing to a girl you never met before, sticking the stamps, and going to the post office, just for me. I am honor and flattered.


Felicity said...

I signed up for letternet too, but I had a hard time figuring it our since it's written in German. I guess someone found me, because i received a letter yesterday. Isn't Olivia's zine awesome??!! She sent me one too, it really made me laugh. : )

Cynthia L. said...

Wow, you really got a lot of fun mail. I would be so excited to get all of that mail. I might look into the program from Germany. My mother is German, so I could get help reading the letter.

Vicky said...

@Felicity, I agree letternet is not that foreign-friendly. The main page is always in German, I have to guess the two boxes on the right hand side is for password and log in name. But once I log in.. it's in English! Olivia's zine make me laugh too! And my friend had already borrowed the zine from me! It's make my friend's day too!

@ Cynthia, my letter is in English, you can pick the language you could understand! You can pick German, so people will write you in German or English! Try it out! Have Fun! =)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

love love love this post! :)

Molly said...

It must be such fun to check your mail everyday. It looks like there are tons and tons of fun surprises!!1

Vicky said...

@kellie, Thank You. I think I am totally blessed.

@Molly. Indeed! Opening a mail box is what I look forward everyday!