Sunday, August 29, 2010

Make it up to you'all

Zillion Sorry I MIA for so long! Excuse... Erh.. I got no excuse except I am super lazy. Ooops.. truth is ugly. Sorry again.

A best friend of mine, who happen to love letter writing also, draw me some letter paper~! They are cute and awesome~!

Just have a quick look here.

No wonder we are best friend. Candy Ma, I call her Miss ma, is a teacher in primary school and not surprisingly, she teaches Visual Art! She is much craft-ier than I do. From Binding books to sewing fabric Cupcake, nothing scare her. Crazily in love with teaching, kids, and the traditional language of all time - Chinese (she professionally studies Chinese, i.e., she analyze text. Scary! ). Obviously, drawing is one of the things that she fond of.

One day, she mail me a letter set she draw. I cannot help but sharing with you all! With her generous permission, I am now sharing SIX letter paper she designed for you!

Yup, it's six. Including the above three letters, there are still three other designs, Go Download it here! You'll know how talented she is!

Print it out and start writing ! =)

Speaking of which, writing letter, it has been a long time since my last mail post. I have got tons of Great mail, I am going to share with you soon. I promise, here.

The blog writing mood is Back!


O Arrow said...

Glad you're back, and looking forward to more posts! Thanks for sharing the pretty and original stationary!

Felicity said...

Those are so fun and pretty! : )

Vicky said...

@ Olivia, Thanks for the blessing! I just love my friend.

@ Felicity, my friend's mind is loaded with silly and funny idea. =)