Sunday, August 8, 2010

Make my own Journal

Have I ever told you that my family name in Chinese, Ng, means FIVE? If I directly translate my last name into English, I will be addressed as "Ms. Five".
It's cool, isn't it? So I put this salutation on the cover of my newly made journal, do you like it?

This is a very easy to make journal, paper, glue, and card stock (or photo). Thank for the video tutorial here, make my night funnier.

If you look closely to the crown, he is holding a banner with Chinese writing on it. 香港 means Hong Kong. The banner was a matchbox cover. Before encountering this matchbox, I had no idea that Hong Kong had a history of making matches!

Friend of mine, a rich one, subscribe to Nat Geo for three years and never read any of them. She, gave all here precious Nat Geo Mag to me. Ok, No, I don't think I will read them all. Nat Geo actually is a great source for collage! The image is InCreDiBle~! I like Hamming Bird, A Lot!

Original From..
Crown found here.
Match Box found here.

Hamming bird from Nat Geo Mag

Great Find today: Delightful Jazz just for you~!

Have a funny happy week~!


Felicity said...

I love this Vicky. And thanks for the language lesson. National Geographic is awesome!! So much inspiration. Have a nice week.

Pia said...

Wow, I love this journal! So pretty!!

Vicky said...

@Pia, Thank You. It's very easy to make~!