Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My professor - the witty one

I have been studying in my university for so long time. How could I just discover there is one witty professor's class that I haven't took? I guess it's never too late to enjoy the funny lectures in my last year in school.

Some quotes from him:
"Sex and the city is the most conservative and anti-feminism TV drama."

Yea. How true. It's always about MAN and SHOES. Two crucial elements that constitutes women in modern time.

"Trust me. If you could find someone you can trust for the rest of your life, you are very lucky. It is very difficult. Trust me. Ha ha ha."

Recommended movie: The shape of things.

"We should ask why our society is injustice. The bond holders of the Lehman-brother are being suppressed. It's not their fault. It's the injustice society."

"Studying in this discipline [Cultural Studies], you are told ,directly or indirectly, is to CHANGE THE WORLD."

Yea. Our professors are "dare to differ" and dare to change the world.
So, if you are thinking about how to earn a million before your 30, this discipline will tell you how to spend that million to change the world in your 31.

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