Sunday, November 1, 2009

Living space


我想作者是個在念大學的女子,年輕,應十九至二十頭、她瘦削卻非弱質之輩、滿腔理想的同時亦知現實殘酷的矛盾,有明知不可為而為之的勇氣,卻每天受著資本主義社會的瘋狂摧殘,才會拿著助學金租住 我的一百三十呎的「單位」。



I read an article titled "My 130 sq. feet" and I envy and admire what the writer do. The writer lives in a 130 sq feet room, which included a toilet, bathroom and "kitchen" ( a sink and a facet), cost 2700 Hong Kong dollars (~$340 US) a month. The writer said it is not crowded because the writer could walk 10 steps and turn around in that room. (Ya, some people live in space crowded that this one).

I think the writer must be a girl who still studying in University. (The writer mention the rent is paid by the student grant.) She is young, somewhere between 19 to early 20s. She has a slender body but not fragile. Struggling with the contradiction that the dream that she has and how unrealistic to make them come true in this crazy capitalized city. The belief of making impossible to possible is definitely one of the reason why she live in that little space.

No matter how narrow, un-breathable, dusty and dirty the place is, that is your (her) space. That is solid, independent and private. As time goes by, you are more familiar with the space, and it becomes your home.

I am not brave enough to take that challage. Frist of all, I am broke, I couldn't afford even that small amount of money to pay rent. Even if I could afford the rent, I couldn't bear the fact that the wood-made door is going to break every single minute, the noisyness of buses and cars passing by 24/7.

The only solid space that I have now is my bed, precisely. half of the bulk bed. The other private and kind of independent space that I own is the computer and of course the internet. Sometime I just swift if on, and I read book (real book, book you need to turn pages by hand). It's a sign like I am using this space, don't bother me. It's not secure, it's fluid. That space could happen anytime like at the coffee shop. It's not something that you can hold on and feel satify. You are scared every minute that you are going to lose this space.

If I ever determined and live in that little room, I couldn't last for two weeks. It's because I know that I could go back to my parents' home any moment.

Wish that some day I can move out soon and take the challege of being a grown-up and independent being.


Jen said...

or come live in america with me!!

Vicky said...

I wish .. and I love to . It's going to happen someday and you will hate me for being so lazy .. hahah