Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sex and the city - RERUN

Oh my goodness. I am totally hooked by Sex and the city.

The devil HBO channel is re-running SATC from season 1 to season 6000 plus the movie. It screen 6 episodes in one single night. This makes me being totally unproductive, I abandon my revision, preparation for presentations and essay, and just sit in front of the TV and re-watching SATC.

What is so attractive with SATC? I watched them before in high school. (Yea, it's where I learn how to use the four letters word in "appropriate" context.) I could think of the reasons why I shouldn't watch it, but I cannot think of why I should watch it. It is so weird.

1. None of the leading heroine there are attractive nor young.
2. They are bitchy not witty.
3. It's about man-fucking and man-fucking and man-fucking.
4. It's make you think of yourself being alone and bitchy and harsh when you get 40+. Totally horrifying.
5. Your skin will look "fine" even if you do clubbing+smoking+hangover+getting lay every other day.
6. It creates the fantasy that even if you are 40+ you could still find some guy who is rich + witty + single + kids-free to marry. (Ya. It only happen on screen. LIAR. )
7. It's racist and sexist.

OMG... What is wrong with me? I guess there is some magic in the opening music that draw me in..

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