Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

Woo, the topic for the a Fill In The Blank Friday is FOOD! Couldn't help but answer all the questions right away! May be I haven't tell you, I am crazy about food. I don't cook very well. But I know very well where you can buy the best organic vegetable or where you can buy the most traditional Shanghai food. I even have very good relationship with those little store owners who sell those ingredients. Food! Here are my answers !

1.If I could choose my last meal it would be Beijing Style Dumpling noodles made in the little restaurant around my neighborhood in accompany with Iced cold Soy Milk. Follow with a bar of Godiva Dark Chocolate. Ok, they are not perfect match. It's a bit fusion. That is exactly the reason why I want it to be my last meal. Last meal would be a combination of all the food I like.. so here they are.

2. My favorite person to share a meal with is my younger sister. She is the only person on earth I could mock and laugh at during meal without being piss off. It's not about the food after all. It's the joy of sharing. She is perfect for that.

3. The best meal I've ever had was a bowl of Chinese soup - Parseley with perserved egg fish soup cooked by my grandpa. When I was in England for a month, the first thing I wanted to eat when I arrived Hong Kong was this soup. Hot, Yum and I missed the smell. I rush to my grandpa home for this soup. This remind me my life worth living.

4. The one food that makes me feel instantly better when I'm having a bad day is a bar of Dark Toblerone Chocolate. (Ok, any brand of Dark Chocolate would do. I just very fond of Toblerone recently.) No explanation require I guess. Girls born to be kidnapped by chocolate. (The photo at left: I filled the already emptied Toblerone box with Candies and mail it to my friend! The box arrived to her mail box safe and sound! Thanks postman! )

5. My absolute specialty in the kitchen is Instant noodles? Does that count? If you are asking for real cooking and real food, Spaghetti with pesto sauce plus a fried egg. I only cook when I am alone. And this dish is easy to cook plus I can share some plain spaghetti with my dog LEO and he always love it.

6. The city that has the best food is
Hong Kong. Please allow me to explain. It's just because I live here for 20+ years. I never spent that much time in anywhere on earth for that long. The weird thing is that Hong Kong has all sort of dishes and restaurant coming from around the world but I can't think of one presentable dishes that can represent Hong Kong. (Dim Sum does not count, coz it is from Canton, Not solely Hong Kong)

and my favorite restaurant there is 巧興, the little restaurant I mentioned in Q1. Lovely couple from Beijing cooking the best dumpling noodles in Hong Kong. The important thing is the shop is just 5 minutes walk away! Convience and cheap! (A bowl of lovely dumpling noodles is less than 5 bucks!)

7. My favorite healthy snack is Golden Kiwi.I like the gel-ed hair style. My sis call it the bad boy because of the "hair style" it has. We call the regular green one the good boy.

8. In my opinion the nationality which has the best food is Chinese. HUGE variety. Super diverse. Go to China and the dishes will drive you crazy.

9. If I could learn to cook anything in the world (and be really good at it!) I'd choose spaghetti. Simple, fast, and comforting.

10. The most outrageous dessert I've ever had was Pile of Chesscakesssss. My friend and I went to ALL YOU CAN EAT Cheescake Buffet. We eat at least 15 piece of cheescake. I skip the breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day. NEVER TRY IT AGAIN! Got Cheesecake phobia for two months!


Faiza said...

funny cheesecake story!

Vicky said...

Aren't that crazy? XDXD