Saturday, June 26, 2010

I could draw?

What do you think? Do you think I could draw judging from these two inchies? Swap-bot had a inchies for beginner swap. Anything that welcomed either Beginner or Newbies always draw my attention and tempted to join. These inchies above are all for this swap.

My friend who knew me since I was 6, we went to primary and secondary school together, asked do you remember that you hated Art class when you was in primary school? Why are you picking all that art and craft stuff lately?

I have no idea why I picked art and craft up, despite the fact that I am still suck at it. At least I have fun. And, hey no one is judging, right?

Exactly! When I was in school, teachers was judging. Maybe this is the reason why I hated Art class. My works are not here for you to grade, it's for me to have fun. It's the process that I enjoy. But after all, I need an excuse to pick up drawing, so I enter swap.

OK, I know, this is too much pick going on. An ATC for Newbies from swap-bot which I signed up. This is my second ATC. Now, you have more evident to tell me, do you think I can draw? Or I am still suck? Would you smile when you get this ATC from your mail box? Tell me the truth. But, no matter what you told me, I will keep on making. Hahaha. (Ok, I am just trying to make conversation here. )


Ana Goncalves said...

Beautiful work, and that is what creativity is about, having fun! Looks like you had fun with the inchies. The ATC card looks like fun too! I am watching an Inchie swap at swap-bot at the moment, it is nature themed. I may be tempted to join in, as I enjoy drawing or painting nature. It is below if interested:
Hope your well and having an enjoyable day.

Vicky said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I am checking it out! I don't really know what I should paint or draw about the nature. Ok, I will take a day to think! And surfing your blog for inspiration~! Have a nice and energetic weekend!

Ana Goncalves said...

Dear Vicky,
My pleasure.
Do let me know whether you enter or not, and how it goes for you.
I have declined my temptation to join this swap as it's too much commitment and I am already within a few swaps and have other things going on this month.
Hope you are well!
You have a nice weekend too.
Ana. :)

Vicky said...

Dear Ana,
I doodle about nature during office hours (my part time job is unbelievably boring, to make me feel delightful at work, I doodle. ) But I think that I am not very good at it. May be I should practice more on drawing, rather than doodling about my boss funny face.. Haha.
Have a nice day~!