Saturday, June 5, 2010

HappY Envelopes. Open for adoption.

all magazine envies

As you can see, I made tons of envelopes from magazine pages. All those pictures in magazine are so pretty. They deserve a chance to see the world and be seen by the world! So here they are!

handmade envie - outgoing

I made some small envie (4' X 5.5') for the swapbot handmade envies swap. Two partner, five envie for each. Of course I need a bigger envie to put them all in. So, yummy summer treat envie with other pretty one inside!

handmade envie - sent 2

Don't you just love masking tape? It doesn't block the whole image of the envie. It put on some mysterious feeling to the envie. The color of the envie is being revealed in a subtle way. Oh, that is for handmade envies swap.

Au Yeung Envie

There is one artist/food-stylist/cook I really like. He is Mr.Au Yueng. So I made a series of envies by his magazine column. I hope he doesn't mind. (You know, those copyright issue is super scary! You have no idea when you crossed the line.. sigh)

7 blank envies - sent

from Swap-bot came up with an amazing idea. I have made seven small envies each of those contain a notecard with either silly or witty quotes or graphic or poem that hopefully will put a smile on the receivers' face when the receiver is not having a good day. I have fun making all those small envies. That is just so kind and cheerful that something is there to encourage you when bad day happens.

It just because I made tons of envelopes. And they are all from Hong Kong magazine pages. And they are all pretty (in my prespective.. ). I guess they deserve a chance to meet people around the world.

So Adoption?
If you are kind enough to give them a chance to see the world, then write me a email at write2five[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject line "Adopting envies". Put your mailing address in the content. Through the delicate care by the postman in Hong Kong and also in your destinated area, 10 small envies will arrive in your mail box, hopefully safe and sound.

They're waiting for you!


Zoë said...

SO CUTE. I just fired off an e-mail :)

Vicky said...

Thank you for supporting the adoption program. They are flying to your way. =)

Ana Goncalves said...

That is such a beautiful thing to do, and I see you do it with love and so much kindness. Making using of paper is great, as you are making best use of it. I have also started making re-usable envelopes and I can feel the love being crafted as they are being put to good use. I wish you well on your travels. :) You are doing a wonderful thing.

Sparsile Vacivity said...

Wow, I didnt know that magazines could be made into envelopes..that is so neat :) I really enjoyed reading your blog. -sparsilevacivity from swap-bot.

leecytx said...

WOW! I"ve never actually seen handmade envies before, only the swaps on swap-bot. Very cool! great job! leecytx from check out my blog swap.

Vicky said...

@Ana, Re-using the magazine pages is one of my biggest interests. Haha. Happy to know that you are making re-usable envelope! Yesterday, I just send my friend a little gift, It's an emptied Toblerone Chocolate box filled with candies. I just stick her address on the Toblerone Box and mail it. How great and fun is that!!

Thanks for the wish! I wish you all the best too!

@ Sparsile, Thanks for liking my blog!

@leecytx, I made handmade envies is totally inspired by Swap-bot handmade envie idea! Once i started it, I can't stop it. Haha.

Aesa said...

your hand-made work is beautiful..