Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Did I tell you I made my own Journal?

From My First Handmade Journal

Am I being too annoying that telling everyone I have just made my Journal ? Did I tell you I made one?

It's never too late to have a 2010 schedule in the beginning of March, right? It's an exciting project. A book I am going to use for a year is totally handmade by me. I didn't even attend any class or pay anyone to teach me to do so. Just key in "how to bind / make a book" in google and many nice people are offering tutorials to teach you how to make your own notebook. Love is all around and angels are everywhere.

I kind of like vintage stuff. So I make the Journal look old too. I use yellow paper for the pages. Black leather with a brown ribbon as a book mark.

I made the rubber stamp specially for the first page. You can see, the frame which inside is written Ms. Five's 2010. Handwritten the day and week which almost drive me crazy and cost me two hours. But I think It's wroth it! Don't you think?

There are two blank pages between months. So that I can put anything I like in between months to cheers me up or reminding me happiness is within me.

I love it! Friends of mine who touch and see the real thing said it is nicely done. Yup, I know they are being too Kind, as always. Ha. Told ya, Love is all around.

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