Friday, March 19, 2010

In love with mailing

From Mailing

Did I tell you I joined the LWA? While I am waiting for my membership card and badge and penpal, I discover something awesome. It's call the pen pal project. I left a message and someone reply me and want to be my pen pal! How awesome!

So I wrote Amanda (my pen-pal-to-be) a letter after I've got her address. Can you see the smiley face on the envelope? Yup, that is my first letter to her!

I always like writing letter. I tried to invite friends and write letter to each other. Hong Kong is a very small place and everyone is using the modern tech that always stop us from writing. So, writing to someone far away is a much better idea. I like checking the mailbox and be surprised!

From Mailing

Guess who I am writing this postcard to? Some one far away and I don't even know the one's name. It's a postcard to Tanzania. I found this heart unity project at postcrossing. Spreading love and cheer in just one postcard, what a simple yet amazing idea?

From Mailing

Yup, postcrossing. I sent out six postcard to people I barely know. It's fun and I am waiting for the postcard sent by someone I don't even know. Five to the State and one to Germany. The postcards may look a little bit un-ordinary. I picked them up at G.O.D. A place sell Hong Kong style stuff. I think it's much fun to have something unusual. You are bored by the razzle dazzle cliche picture of Hong Kong, right?

From Mailing

Have you discover something unusual from my mail / postcard / notepad? Beside working with magazine and magazine and magazine, I found something funny to work with! Security Envelope! You know those billing mail always use a security envelope. Those envelopes actually have a pretty pattern! I discover one is using numbers as pattern. So I cut out 12345... from the envelope and made a postcard for the heart unity project kid. Hopefully, they can find the numerals on the postcard. Kids like game, right? :p
ideas and tutorials on how to work with security envelopes:

No kidding, I really love writing and mailing. If you do too, leave me a msg or email me and we can start penpaling!

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